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     Anxiety,              Stress,
           &         Depression,
effects us all.
    the Pain,             Misery
         &                   Suffering!

  is the time 
     to talk
 I will Listen 
     to you,
  & Support               your 


 You will gain Insight, 

Control, & Power.

 We All    deserve      to live       our

Best Life.  


 Gain Professional             support 

        in the




     It is Time

      to gain a


     Healthier,                 way of Living


Corrine McLaughlin

I am an experienced qualified Clinical Therapist and Mental Health Counsellor who has worked in both the USA and in the UK. I have extensive training with women, adolescents and young adults. Whilst I specialise in working with women, I find it very rewarding supporting all people from various backgrounds, genders and diverse cultures.


 I prefer to be mobile, and do not work from an office. However I am happy to meet with clients in a safe and agreed location face to face if this is the preferred method for their therapy session.   

In this current climate, face to face therapy, while social distancing and using face masks  maybe a challenge and is not available while following government guide-lines .


I am happy to meet clients in a using zoom, Face-time and any other secure media format. This appears to be popular and an easy option for many of my clients. It cuts down the time in travelling to and from a location, less restricting when trying to reduce public health issues, and risks are kept to a minimum using virtual interaction.


This method is also well liked  and regarded as less time consuming.

Time is spent in session with clients who are in their own home, at work or in a safe and private location.  Those with mobility issues or internet poor connection find that this can be an effect way of having therapy session.

Clients have their voice heard, process issues that has brought them to therapy and gain support .

Inspiring tips for Life empowerment 


"What helped me? What stopped my cutting was me growing up, but talking about it with you definitely helped. Nothing didn’t work with you, because you were the best  therapist I think I’ve ever had. Your honesty with my situations did help".  N.P


"Just a quick note to say how much you have helped me over the last 3 months. You are one caring and amazing support. You have helped so many, and I am sure more to come. You have helped me laugh and when I had tears you have always been there for me. H.R


"What worked with me in counselling was definitely the way you talked me through my situations and the “homework” you would give me." M.C


“ Corrine stepped in and started working with my daughter after months of distress and tears. Her bubbly yet calm personality soon put my daughter at ease and within our own home which made a huge difference. After a 6 week Course of Counselling, my daughter became more relaxed and calmer and was able to view life very differently. I would definitely recommend Corrine" C.C

"You were honestly the BEST, kindest and one of the most experienced counsellors I worked with. Whoever you work for is LUCKY to have you work for them!!!" M.M

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