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10 ways to de-stress

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

There is nothing like watching the waves to help soothe and calm the nerves. I often recommend to my clients to get in touch with nature in order to become more grounded and less overwhelmed and de-stressed. Research has shown that Green therapy(connecting with nature, flowers, fauna) can refresh, revitalise both the body and soul. Being out in open spaces and fresh air has been shown to improve mental health. Here are some more of my favourite tips to help relax.

What helps us to de-stress? What helps to sleep, and what improves our well being? Here are some top 10 tips.

1. Walk by the sea, it appears that the slow crashing and swelling of the waves is both calming to the brain. The low intensity audio is lulling to most. Clear your mind while looking at the sea is also important aspect of beach walking.

2. If beach not your thing, try to get out and be with nature, looking at the flowers and fauna, listening to the wind in the trees, the birds singing, smelling the fresh air .

3. Listening to music from our past or time when we were happy on phone or mobile device is said to have benefits. Conquers up positive memories is said to improve of mood.

4. Taking a warm bath is said to create a feeling of well being and the cooling off of of your core body temperature signals to your body that is time to snuggle up and go to bed.

5.Increasing your intake of magnesium is said to help improve quality of sleep. In a study on elderly people it was reported that subjects fell asleep faster. Bananas and spinach have high levels of it.

6. Turn off any electronic devices and hour before sleep as they can keep your mind on high alert.

7. Use a few drops of lavender ( not if you are pregnant) or aromatic scents on your pillow as olfaction(sense of smell ) in your nasal cavity is soothed.

8. Sleep in silk, soft cotton, fleece sheets ( if you feel the cold) as these create a feeling of swaddling as which is recommended to help babies to sleep.

9. A cup of hot herbal tea such lemon and honey, or chamomile, is said to help stimulated the brain and release melatonin.

10. Write a to do list for the next day , and also try to journal the days concerns. this has been shown to have a offloading effect on the brain. So it can make space and reset for the next day.

If all of the above does not work try mindfulness mediation. Pay attention to your breathing when you are in bed, as well as all the body sensations you are feeling. Start from your toes to your head. If you are unsure download an apps to allow you to listen to someone's voice guiding you gently into a a restful slumber.

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