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Look for the calm within yourself

Looking for the calm within yourself, can be like looking for relief behind negative

emotions, such as depression. Many have felt dark clouds roll over them, from nowhere and found them difficult to shake.

Defeating negative thinking and feelings, and experiencing hopeless and helpless can be both complex and complicated. However it is becoming increasingly manageable and possible if addressing the issues behind the problem, with the right counsellor that uses the appropriate approach to fit the individual. There are several modalities counselling therapies that are used today help client to look within to feel calmer.

However the connection, rapport and the trust between client and counsellor can itself have a therapeutic effect.

I have listed some of the most popular approaches used by counsellors today;

Talk Therapy Counselling where a client is guided to talk through issues with a counsellor that are occurring in their life, and understand where they are coming from and look at them with a different perceptive.

Person-Centred Counselling in which the counsellor helps the client to see self actualization, and is looking at the subjective experience of the client's thinking, feeling, sensing and perceiving. A non-judgemental, empathetic approach is used.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)in which the counsellor helps the client to change the way they think in order to behave in a healthier way. The aim is to acknowledge the past, but look at the present, current issues and find practical solutions to feel better.

Psycho-dynamic Counselling is when the counsellor and client explore and focus on the the unconscious mind. In this approach the client will process childhood experiences, relationships with parent, and significant people in a client's life. Emotions uncovered can be transferred to counsellor in which the client can process.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy promotes change with practical goal oriented approach to problems and issues presented in session. As the name implies therapy is brief.

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