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Online gaming facts and figures

Online Gaming Statistics - 45 Facts That Will Blow You 10 Amazing Facts about Online Gaming that Blow Your Mind! Online gaming - statistics & facts | Statista 50+ Video Game Statistics, Facts & Trends (Jan 2021) The global digital media market has consistently been growing, with gaming accounting for the biggest share of market revenues. In 2020, the global online gaming market generated approximately 21.1... With that in mind we’ve take a look at some shocking facts about the growth of the online gaming industry, that may surprise you. Online Gaming Has Trebled Since 2005. The online gaming market is seeing good growth at the moment, and this has been created by years of growth. With the size of the online market hitting $41.4 billion dollars. A little under 30% of online games are now aged 50 or above, with titles such as crosswords or video games for the senior citizens. 4. More than 33% of Adult Gamers Now Play Online Games with their Children at least Once a Week While video gaming is still fundamentally associated with young adults, but online gaming is home to a varied audience. There were 454 million viewers of eSports and video game tournaments in 2019. Newzoo predicts that this will increase to 645 million by 2022—a 42% increase! The highest-paying eSport game is DOTA 2, with a prize pool of $225 million. CS:GO is second at $98.3 million, followed by Fortnite at $90 million, and League of Legends at $75.5 million. 1. Online Gaming Welcomes Everyone No matter how old, or young, the player might be – there is an online game available today for them to enjoy. The ESRB rates every game across every platform to provide a guideline of who can be sold and play the game in question. 2. Additional Content Is Worth Millions The video game industry consistently brings in more money than Hollywood. In 2018, the global gaming market was valued at $134.9 billion, while the global box office only brought in 41.1 billion. [2] Rockstar Games has created some. 1. Age of Players: 29% of gamers are under 18, 32% are 18-35, and 39% are age 36 and above. 2. The average gamer age is 35 and has been playing video games for 14 years. 3. The average age of the most frequent game purchaser is 37. 4. 59% of Americans play video games and 42% regularly (3 hours or more per week). 5.

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Online gaming facts and statistics

50 Video Game Statistics: 2020/2021 Industry Overview Online gaming - statistics & facts | Statista Online gaming - statistics & facts | Statista Online gaming - statistics & facts | Statista Before we get into the nitty-gritty of specific platforms, here are some general statistics about the online video game industry and where it is today. 77% of Millennials and 81% of Gen Zers play... The global digital media market has consistently been growing, with gaming accounting for the biggest share of market revenues. In 2020, the global online gaming market generated approximately 21.1... Essential Video Game Statistics More than 2.6 billion people play video games worldwide. Over 65% of American adults play video games, according to the Entertainment Software Association. Nearly half ( 46%) of all gamers are female. The average gamer is age 18–35 (40%), followed by under 18 (21%), 50+ (21%), and 26–49 (18%). An estimated 68% of smartphone or tablet owners play online games on their devices. [5] The number of online console gamers is estimated to be over 57 million globally. [6] Online games go back to the 1970s in the form of MUDs, including the first MUD1, which was connected to ARPANET in 1980. Top 10 Video Game Statistics and Facts The US video game market was worth $19.72 billion in 2019. It’s estimated that the global gaming industry will be worth over $300 billion by 2025. With $18 billion in revenue, China was the largest mobile games market in 2019. Free-to-play games accounted for 80% of the revenue of all digital games in 2018. Online Gaming Statistics 45 Facts That Will Blow You Away Navigation According to Newzoos Global Games Market Report Gamers will spend about $137.9 billion this past year on games They are expected to spend about $151.9 billion in 2019 Home News White Papers Press Releases Trends Financials Events & Exhibitions Contact Us More Newsletter Archive The statistics below will show you the video game industry as a whole. There are 2.7 billion gamers worldwide in 2020. 1.5 billion gamers are in the Asia-Pacific region. 75% of Americans have at least one gamer in their household. China, the US, and Japan are the top three gaming markets worldwide. 50% of game developers were born in the US. The gaming industry is expected to reach $180.1 billion in revenue by 2021 There are more than 2.5 billion video gamers around the world The average gamer is 34 years old 70% of gamers are age 18 or older 60% of Americans play. 10 Facts About Online Gaming By Justin Wright , February 25th 2015 Reckless Tortuga Fact One: There is no choice; just conformity. Every single friggin’ company gives players the illusion that they have a choice in their gaming world. You have a choice in how you play your character and how to either develop their skills or level them up.

Online gaming facts and figures

Online gaming facts and figures

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