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I have had training in Humanistic Therapy,  Dialetical Behaviour Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Talking Therapy, Person- Centred Therapy, Solution -Based Therapy and many more. However I do not believe that one therapy fits all, so I use Integrative Counselling Therapy in which I combine and draw from more than one modality to tailor therapy to the needs of each individual client. This enables the client to have a more bespoked therapy session.  

I enjoy leading a closed group therapy as it helps some clients to share and hear from others who are, or have faced similar issues, and gain insight and support from lived experiences. Group members gain tips, advice and strength to take control of negative thinking, feeling and behaviours. Seeing others coping, recovering and living with similar issues can be advantageous. I gently guide members through different stages of  the issues they are struggling with, empowering members in taking control of issues that are holding them back from living the best life they aspire to have.

I use green therapy to bring healthy coping skills to the forefront.

*Please note these sessions currently not running due to the current climate. 


I work with couples who have issues that they cannot resolve between them. It sometimes takes a third person to help untangle issues within an intimate relationship when the communication has broken down between two people. I provide a safe and calm space in which couple can unravel the issues. 

 These sessions usually take place on-line or in the home of the couple who are seeking support. 

*Please note these sessions currently are limited and are at the clinician's discretion to due to the current climate. 

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